Yeah, “In Dreams” is a Movie Title. Also, Announcements :D

by E.V. Jacob on June 18, 2012

But it just fit that story so well. Plus, I like the ring of it. (The movie was pretty epically crazy, though, if you like that sort of thing.)

Now, in all fairness, I actually could’ve finished the current piece and gotten it up in a decent amount of time, as I have with the last two stories. However, I actually rather like this story, and I was hoping to share it with you guys, so when I realized time was short, I decided to just post this and let you guys see another piece of older fiction from us.

In Dreams was inspired (very sadly) by actual events that took place many, many years ago with a family we knew. The circumstances were very different, and the motive behind the suicide was also unlike the story, but it involved the death of an infant and, a few months after, the suicide of the father. I cannot imagine the agony the surviving wife/mother had to endure, but my heart goes out to her – wherever she is now – whenever I think of this story, and I hope you’ll keep in mind that this kind of thing actually happens.

I think this is a very powerful story. I’m not sure if that came across in this version of it, but I very much would like to revisit it someday and write a more detailed version. This is the kind of story I want to do right, so eventually you will be seeing a longer, higher-quality version of it on this site. Or perhaps even as a book.

For now, you can just enjoy the version full of poorly structured sentences and ill-advised word choices – just don’t judge ;)

Another thing I’ve gotten from this story is that, essentially, I am capable of writing fiction that’s 2,000 words long (this one checked in at about 2,016). I would very much like to get some shorter pieces written now, but alas, we all have our own battles to fight.

We will also be doing a few writing contests this summer, as well as preparing our manuscript for submission, though I don’t plan on this interfering with the site’s updates. Two contests we’ll be involved in are The First Line (The Fall and Winter editions) and the Writer’s Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest. If any of you readers are also writers, then you really should consider joining in on the fun – it’s excellent practice, lots of fun, and hey, you can win prizes!

If it won’t disqualify our entries, I’ll be submitting the stories I write for these contests to this website. If that will disqualify me, then I’ll have to wait until after the winners are announced to share them with you :)

Happy Reading!

  • Mark

    Will you be doing 3DNC this year, too? Unfortunately, I’ll miss it this year. It’s too bad considering all of the amazing things that came from it last year.

    But, I think I’m going to have to enter this other two contests with you. ESPECIALLY because they are geared towards stories <3000 words. I'd be in my element with these contests.

    Good luck writing! I can't wait to read your entries.

    • Elena Victoria Elizabeth Jacob

      I might – not sure where my writing will be and what I’ll be doing at that time. I mean, I’ll definitely be writing, but who knows on what? :D

      I do like these contests, especially since I’ve been flexing my short-story muscles a bit more. I think my mom and I are going to have some fun with this! Glad you’ll be on board – we can critique!

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