Chapter Stories

“Stay, Illusion…” Part II

by E.V. Jacob on January 13, 2013

|  Part I  | I scrolled through the search results, but there was nothing of value there—nothing I didn’t know already.  I rubbed my thumb against the cool metal of my newest possession, sickeningly comforted by its presence. My desk was littered with newspaper clippings and printed pages from an assortment of news websites.  The […]


Written by…uh…me.  I’d link you to my website, but you’re already on it.  Follow me on Twitter! — “What are you writing?” “None of your business,” Sam snapped. I was a little surprised by his tone—he was usually nicer. “Sorry,” I said sarcastically, turning away. He sighed.  “I’m sorry, Lynn…it’s just…personal.  I didn’t mean to […]