Short Stories

First Episode of Story Time With Evey: “Akasha”

by E.V. Jacob on January 31, 2016

I’ve started a new project, and I’m hoping it’ll make my stories easier for fans to consume. I’ll be reading stories to you guys so that you can enjoy them without having to take the time to read! Here’s the first video: My short story “Akasha” Here’s the link to the original text:  Here’s the […]


“Alternate Ending” by E.V. Jacob

by E.V. Jacob on October 31, 2013

This story is by me! Yay! —– Olivia started into the mirror, searching for the stitched-up gash across her temple. It had been there the day before.  Now, though, it was like it had never existed. “We’re going to be late!” her mother called. Olivia stared for a moment longer at the spot where the […]


“Samhain” by Alexis Roberts

October 27, 2013

An eerie tale from Alexis Roberts is what you get tonight!  Follow her on Twitter at @Alexiswrote! —– A young woman named Anne sat under the shade of an old oak tree one autumn afternoon, knitting a scarf for the fall. It was peaceful in the country. No cars, no sirens, no screaming children and […]

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“A Garden of Souls” by Alex Alvarado

October 26, 2013

Tonight, get a little unsettled with a spooky story from Alex Alvarado!  You can follow him on Twitter at @alexalvar7!           —– The  Mexican restaurant was only a block away from the clinic. Norma never cared much for Mexican food but loved the margaritas they served and they were a sure-fire way to kill the […]

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“Premonition and Personification” by T.C. McVay

October 25, 2013

The lovely T.C. McVay is here to wrap up this first week of scary stories with her own flavor of crazy!  Follow her on Twitter at @TCMcVay!  —–         Thomas Reynolds, age ten, awoke at twelve a.m. with a dry throat.  He used the upstairs bathroom and then stumbled downstairs to the kitchen. He flipped […]

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“Wildflowers” by Sabra Schirm

October 23, 2013

Man, I have weird friends. The good kind of weird. Also the crazy kind of weird. Sabra Schirm here will tell you all about crazy things! Follow her on Twitter at @cue_face_palm!  —– The sound of rending roots in the forest was loud, sudden.  John froze, his hands trembling, as the wild flowers gave a […]

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“Bang! Bang! Bang!” by Cee Martinez

October 22, 2013

Next up is the lovely and twisted Cee Martinez, with a story about how scary doorbells are!  Follow Cee on Twitter at @DazedPuckBunny! —– Whiskey and sex dropped a veil, replacing the membrane coating Alice’s brain and erased common sense notions about using protection during sex, hydrating when drinking a lot of whiskey, and not […]

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“The Counting” by Nat Russo

October 21, 2013

Tonight’s frightening fable is brought to you by the letter A and the number 6.  And readers like you!  But mostly, it’s brought to us by Nat Russo (@NatRusso)!  —– Sandy waited for Monsignor Thomas at the corner cafe, sipping her latte and watching the people as they ate their muffins and drank their coffee. […]

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“Ghosts in the Walls” by Jenna DeVillier

October 20, 2013

 Our next terrifying tale is brought to us by the lovely (and loony!) Jenna Deviller!  Follow her on Twitter @asimovtoausten! —– There were ghosts in the walls. Andrea had always thought so, but now she was sure of it. Every night she came home from work and dropped her keys into the little ceramic bowl […]

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“There’s No Such Thing As Monsters” By Jason Cantrell

October 19, 2013

Thirteen Days of Halloween has officially begun!! We’re kicking things off with the terrifyingly awesome Jason Cantrell (@CantrellJason)! —– Emma Samuels believed in monsters under her bed. Her daddy always told her they weren’t real. He said they were just ‘fig men of her imagination’. She made him check for the fig men every night […]

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