The Writing Process

Sometimes, you sit down to write, and you get nothing. Absolutely nothing. You just stare at the page (or screen) and try to make something interesting happen. Other times, stories just hit you. For me, it’s usually when I’m doing something menial. My last instance of this was when I was cleaning the kitchen after […]


But it just fit that story so well. Plus, I like the ring of it. (The movie was pretty epically crazy, though, if you like that sort of thing.) Now, in all fairness, I actually could’ve finished the current piece and gotten it up in a decent amount of time, as I have with the […]


Our First Fanfic

June 12, 2012

“Simon and Jayne from Firefly get stranded on a strange/dangerous planet (use your imagination ;D). Simon becomes a BAMF and saves the day and Jayne! I just basically want Simon being all BAMFy and him and Jayne bantering. I LOVE ME SOME BANTER. Bonus points for Mal saying witty things. Because I love me some […]

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