The Internet Has Spoken

by E.V. Jacob on May 25, 2014

Results are in!  I gave you guys two weeks to decide my embarrassing internet fate, and you voted.  Boy, did you ever vote.

Poll Results

So apparently I’m singing “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.  Because you guys are EVIL.

I need to dig out my recording equipment and dust off my guitar, but I’ll be getting the video to you…in…oh…eventually.  Scout’s honour.*

To all who participated and voted:  Thank you!  Special shout-out to  Katie Cross for being my DJ of Dementedness for this little game, and of course, super-special shout-out to the 2,000+ people currently following me on Twitter.  I have no idea why you people want to read my rambles, but I’m infinitely grateful for every one of you. :)

I’m off to read books and listen to songs that AREN’T by Miley Cyrus now.  Goodnight!

*I was never a scout of any kind.  Well I was a Girl Scout for about two months, but I barely sold any cookies and I quickly became bored with the whole notion…so…it kind of counts?

  • Katie Cross

    Aw, I’m disappointed that Hanson didn’t win!! But Miley Cyrus is going to be pretty epic!

  • Agent Q

    New here, thanks to AA. I look forward to what you can bring out! :D

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