Standing Desk for my Three Day Novel Contest

by E.V. Jacob on September 3, 2012

Today I converted my usual work table in to a standing desk.

And by that I mean, “I propped my computer up on an empty shoe box.”

It’s actually the perfect height for me, though, so it works.  My mouse is sitting on a slightly smaller shoe box, which is a little wobbly, but life goes on.

I did this because for about six months now, I’ve been saying that I want to get a standing desk.  I’ll announce it randomly, search on Google for a while, then return to my regularly scheduled day.  When I had a desk job, I used to stand as much as I could (and that was in heels) because I’ve read many times about the benefits of standing (maybe the heels offset the benefit, but whatever) versus the dangers of sitting, and I am slowly evolving into some kind of quasi-health nut, so I was all about that.  Now that I’m working at home, though, I’m always on my computer, and to effectively work on the computer, you have to be at the proper angle to it–so, sitting it was.

But today, as I typed away at the last touches of my entry for the Three Day Novel Contest (which I will blog about…later…), I had had enough.  I was antsy, and sitting for too long had made me restless.  I have been sitting at this computer for the entirety of Labor Day Weekend, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

There were some shoe boxes near by, sitting there waiting to either be used for storage or thrown away (or drawn on by the resident artist).  I snagged a couple for myself and decided to see if it would work.  I had considered the idea of propping my computer up on something to give it a try, but the thought always occurred to me when I was sitting, and, well, sometimes when you’re sitting you don’t want to get up…

Anyway, it did work.  And so far, I’m loving it.  I can move around more easily, I feel more alert, and I also feel a little healthier, which is always nice.  When I get an idea that requires me to go to another room or move around, I execute immediately, rather than sitting around contemplating it.

My chair is right next to me, so if I get unbearably tired, I can revert to my old ways, but honestly, this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and that means I’m going to have to stick to it for at least a couple weeks before I make any judgement calls.

For the moment, though, I just thought I’d share that little insight:  You don’t have to buy a new desk, rearrange furniture, or do anything more innovative than putting your computer on a box to give this a try. I’m honestly surprised it took me this long–I probably only did it because the shoe boxes were right there and it was too easy not to try.

I don’t know how this would work for others–health issues might make what is fantastic to me a miserable endeavor for someone else, but so far, I’m pretty hooked :D

I will probably still sit when I’m at coffee shops, though, lest I become “Weird Standing Chick.”

Have you ever tried a standing desk, or considered trying one?  Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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