If Not Now, When?

by E.V. Jacob on May 7, 2014

Let’s do a little exercise, shall we?

Raise your hand…last Tuesday.

OK, now raise your hand—right now—next Saturday.

Were you able to raise your hands in the future or past?

If yes, then congratulations—you’re a time lord or something and you don’t need to worry about the stuff the rest of us bound to a temporally-linear lifestyle have to concern ourselves with.  Have fun with that!

To the rest of you:  This has been a reminder that you only have one moment, and that moment is NOW.  Take action.  Change your life.  Don’t wish you had acted before; don’t tell yourself you’ll act later.  The past and the future are completely irrelevant.  What you do in this moment, and in every moment as you live it, is what counts.  Give yourself permission to be awesome today.

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