Day 46: 90 Day Writing Challenge

by E.V. Jacob on December 2, 2013

Hey, look, I’m back!

So I haven’t had internet service for a while, hence my absence.  See, we went on vacation for Thanksgiving, and we had no internet.

The problem with that?  I FORGOT MY ROUGH DRAFT.

Yup.  Forgot to bring my rough draft.  Without internet (read: No way to access files stored on my SkyDrive), I was pretty much unable to work on the book.  So that was obnoxious.

BUT, today, I dove back in, and I’m proud to say that I typed up and edited 2,713 words!  And what’s more, I had this gloriously weird moment where I totally fell in love with my villain.  He’s just…hilarious.  He’s grouchy and sarcastic and smarmy as hell, and his best friend/lead advisor counterbalances him perfectly and…yeah, I really didn’t intend for them to be kind of adorable, but they are.

Which makes the villainy all the more horrible.  It’s awesome!

And now, to sleep.  Because it’s getting late and I don’t want to be exhausted tomorrow…because I have to edit more!!

  • christiney

    OMG I love adorable villiians <3 especially if they make you root for the bad guys ^^ <

    • Eve Jacob

      Ahaha! I don’t really want readers to root for the villains…but I do want them to ENJOY them, you know? I read so many books where the villain seems designed purely to scare/upset me, but usually I can’t get that deeply emotional about it, so the villain ends up being kind of…nothing to me, haha.

      So my goal here is to create a villain that you can see, and kind of enjoy, and actually develop SOME kind of emotion for. He and his best bud have kind of a House/Wilson vibe, haha. (Or Holmes/Watson…if we’re going to go back to the original bros!!)

      But the bad guy really IS despicable. Like, truly. So that’s fun ;D

      I actually (thankfully) DON’T have a bad-boy thing, but there IS something fun about watching them gallivant about XD

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