Day 38: 90 Day Writing Challenge

by E.V. Jacob on November 24, 2013

So…I’d like to shout, “Who’s brilliant idea was it to do a 90 day writing challenge in the middle of the holiday season!?”

But, of course, it was MY brilliant idea…so…

But in all seriousness, this is a lot of fun.  It’s just that I can’t blame anyone–not even Christiney!–for this because it’s MY fault, haha.

Anyway, today was a babysitting day, so I basically spent the entire time tending to children or making food (read: attempting to make food and, in most cases, managing with marginal success.)

Any time I did have for writing was lost to the pages of TV Tropes, which is a black hole of awesomeness.

Tomorrow: WRITING. I will actually have time for it, oh boy.

  • christiney

    Hahaha I have only myself to blame for even offering to undertake this with you ><
    But, it's okay, because we can do it!!

    • Eve Jacob

      That’s the spirit ;D

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