Things That Happened in my Social Media Blackout

by E.V. Jacob on April 3, 2015


And graceful as ever.

And graceful as ever.

I recently took a little hiatus from personal social media, and as such, I wasn’t able to tweet my witty commentary on the various happenings of the internet during that time, nor was I able to update you on the Adventures of Eve©. So here’s a little overview of what happened while I was off being productive!




What the holy hell, you guys. Were you really freaking out over a dress?! This thing found its way to me even without social media. That’s how pervasive this madness was! I wrote a blog about it for my other site, because it struck a chord with me, so if you haven’t read that yet, well, why not? WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?

I want to know what everyone thought of this silliness and what team you were on and all of that nonsense, because nosy.

Also, ignore my earlier chastising. This is the internet, after all. It’s kinda what we do: Freak out over silly things.

Leonard Nimoy Died

Leonard Nimoy

Farewell, friend.


Single Working Mum (Ten-Day Trial)

cat spa

An illustration of how my life was NOT.
(let’s be real, I’m never like this)

My mother and her husband jetted off to Spain for ten days, leaving me running the business, the household, and two children for ten days. And while it was definitely a lot of work (and nothing at all like the lifetime commitment of actual mummyhood), I pretty much rocked it because I’m awesome.

Wattpad & Widbook Publishing

forget-me-not garden of graves
Stay, Illusion But not here yet...
I published stories! Here! And here! And they were already available on the blog, but this is more fun because voting and book covers and all that shininess. If you haven’t read them yet, I highly recommend that you do, because I very much like these stories. Oh, and I’m going to be releasing some new stuff on these sties soon, so look out for that. ;)

I Read Matt King’s Books And They Were Awesome

matt king


I Read Lots of Other Awesome Books, Too.

They were most good. Several were from Danielle E. Shipley. (See below.) Others were Game of Thrones, and some nonfiction books for business and the like.


Surrogate Sea cover, front


I Fixed My Sleep Cycle (Probably)

I think! Kind of! Maybe! All I know is now I wake up at 6am to meditate and exercise (YES, THAT SENTENCE IS 100% TRUE, I ACTUALLY START MY DAYS LIKE THAT NOW. WHO AM I AND WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH ME.) and it’s glorious.

I Wrote. A Lot.

My current WIP went from a measly 40,077 words to 67,265 words and they have made this story infinitely better (though still not good enough, but whatever, I’m happy with what I’ve done so far). Oh, yeah, and I finished this draft. And sent it to beta readers. WOOO. (Technically, that last little bit happened after my hiatus, but it was greatly helped by the break.)

I Watched, Like, Four Seasons of Supernatural.

I mean, give me a break, I didn’t start watching it until about March 20th. I’d be done by now had I started at the beginning of my hiatus. But basically, the show is awesome and Sam and Dean are the greatest.

About damn time I started this show, too.

About damn time I started this show, too.

I Learned a BUNCH of New Songs for You!

But I didn’t get a chance to record any of them, so that will have to wait till I get a chance to sit down and make you some videos.

It'll look something like this.

They’ll look something like this.


And so, here we are. I am back, here to stay, writing books and rocking out.

I missed you guys <3

I missed you guys <3

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