THE ASSASSIN – Cover Reveal & Updates

by E.V. Jacob on September 17, 2020

*dusts off blog*

*clears throat*

*tiny trumpet sound*

Hello! I still exist!

And what’s more, I still write things from time to time!

For example: This blog post.

But more pertinently: BOOKS.

Or rather, one book. Which happens to be a second book. In a series. My series, in fact.

Funny how that worked out.

You’ll recall (or possibly not, that’s okay) that in November 2017, THE SHADOWS, Dark Sentinels Book One hit the market:

The cover of THE SHADOWS by Jacob Crawford; a misty background that fades top-to-bottom from black to grey, with the title THE SHADOWS in large red letters across the top. In the center, a red circle and triangle intersect, surrounding a stylized red bird in flight. Author's name--Jacob Crawford--along the bottom of the cover.


So it is with great excitement that I reveal to you the cover of the series’ second book, THE ASSASSIN.

Are you ready?




Are you SURE?





A grey concrete-like background with an off-center summoning circle at the top right. The circle is glowing white and red. Along the bottom, the title THE ASSASSIN is written in red, with the author name Jacob Crawford in black beneath it.



I am quite pleased.

Special thanks to Matt Davis and Cait Greer, who have both contributed to the cover design and, frankly, did a fantastic job.

It’s really exciting to get to share this with you all finally–I’ve had this cover up my sleeve for a couple years now, just WAITING. It’s also great to finally be closing in on sharing the next installment of the Dark Sentinels series with the world. I can’t wait to release this book, but before that, there will be some more fun stuff coming out to lead us up to the eventual publication. Hopefully it’s fun for all–I am certainly having fun putting it all together.

If you haven’t read book one yet–or need to reread in preparation for book two’s release–you can get it from multiple outlets!

Thank you for stopping by, for reading, for your support, and for your interest. It means a ton and I am looking forward to future updates.

More news about the book coming soon! :D

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