The Aftermath of the Flash Fiction Ghost Story Frenzy (I mean… “Event”…)

by E.V. Jacob on January 11, 2013

First off, I just want to thank everyone who participated–I’m so happy to have so many brilliant stories hosted on my website!  It is an honor to house the excellent works of the talented writers who played a part in this event.  And those gifted individuals are…

Jason Cantrell, “Crying

Larry Kollar, “Matchmaker for the Dead

Joshua Paquin, “Ghost of the Snow

Mikaila Manesh, “Dancing Dust

C.L. Raven, “Memento Mori

Elise Valente, “Souleaters

Danica Rice, “Dorm Ghosts

Chere Snow, “Unsettled

Michael Woods, “Cemetery Dance

J. Luis Licea, “Broken Journey

You guys all did an incredible job and I was so impressed by the awesomeness of the stories that were churned out for this thing.  Such epicness.

Secondly…wow that was fun!  I truly did not expect to have such a good time, but it was a ton of fun!  We had to write stories under 1,000 words, and that was a huge challenge for me and my Tolstoyian sensibilities. The result, my story “Stay, Illusion…” is something I ended up being shockingly pleased with (UPDATE: others seem to agree, as a sequel was demanded).

And lastly, I am definitely going to have to do another one of these.  If anyone else is hosting a Flash Fiction event, please let me know, because I would love to participate!  And soon, I promise there will be a second event (with a new challenge!) so if you missed this one, fear not!  You’ll get your chance ;)

Thank you, again, to everyone who wrote, everyone who read, and everyone who commented–you guys are the best!

  • Jllicea

    Thank You! It was very fun doing it! Love flash stories. I never know what end they’ll have! Yes, for ‘Broken Journey’ I had another end in mind. But I loved the idea, and how I had to manipulate everything in 1,000 words.
    Thank you for the blog space, Elena!

    • Elena Jacob

      Haha it was exciting! And I know what you mean–stories just take on a life of their own and unfold in their own incredible ways :D

  • C L Raven

    thank you for asking us. We had a lot of fun writing Memento Mori and it was fun having the challenge of writing such a short story. 4000 words is usually our shortest length so we enjoyed it :)

    • Elena Jacob

      Before this, my shortest was also about 4000, so it was a challenge for me, too! Your story came out really well, though, so well done!

  • Chere

    I definitely had fun writing “UnSettled”. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

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