Star Wars: Episode I – Prologue

June 28, 2012

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…  Master Yoda made his way down the hall, tired after a long day of teaching the younglings and padawans. The sun was low on the horizon, casting its deep, orange light across the walkway and creating long shadows along the corridor. As he turned to […]

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Our First Fanfic

June 12, 2012

“Simon and Jayne from Firefly get stranded on a strange/dangerous planet (use your imagination ;D). Simon becomes a BAMF and saves the day and Jayne! I just basically want Simon being all BAMFy and him and Jayne bantering. I LOVE ME SOME BANTER. Bonus points for Mal saying witty things. Because I love me some […]

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Attack on Ariadne

June 7, 2012

For Melissa Jacob. The planet loomed, huge and green, before Captain Malcolm Reynolds as his ship swept in closer. He studied it as Wash brought them smoothly down through the highest reaches of the atmosphere – one of the many benefits of having a master pilot on hand was the smooth space-to-atmosphere transitions. As they […]

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