Written by Michael Woods.  Check out his website and follow him on Twitter! — I arrived late, making it easier to slink along the edges of the cemetery, away from the service. Standing within the shade of a nearby mausoleum I watched the small crowd. I felt shame for leaving some of my closest friends […]



by E.V. Jacob on October 11, 2012

Bullets tore through the air as the screams of the wounded and dying mixed with the explosions that shook the ground of the tiny village. The raid had hit so suddenly, almost no one had been prepared—the soldiers raced into the little village with their trucks and Jeeps, screaming at the villagers. They hadn’t wanted […]


The Hiker

October 4, 2012

Another little piece of juvenilia–I’m sorry I don’t have anything that wasn’t written when I was sixteen.  Next week, you will get something more recent.  For now, have fun enjoying my mad teenage writing skillz. – “Up this way,” I told her.  She had been hesitant all morning; she had almost refused to come. “Honey, […]

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