“Escape” Flash Fiction Story

by E.V. Jacob on February 25, 2013

A recent entry to a Flash Fiction event hosted on Mikaila Manesh’s blog :D  Reposted here just for the fun of it.  The rules were: 1. Must be 1,000 words or less. 2. Must incorporate water somehow. Tell me how I did in the comments below _________ My eyes were fixed on Maddie’s coat, hanging […]


“Stay, Illusion…” Part II

by E.V. Jacob on January 13, 2013

|  Part I  | I scrolled through the search results, but there was nothing of value there—nothing I didn’t know already.  I rubbed my thumb against the cool metal of my newest possession, sickeningly comforted by its presence. My desk was littered with newspaper clippings and printed pages from an assortment of news websites.  The […]


“Stay, Illusion…” by Elena Jacob – Flash Fiction Ghost Story

January 1, 2013

Written by…uh…me.  I’d link you to my website, but you’re already on it.  Follow me on Twitter! — “What are you writing?” “None of your business,” Sam snapped. I was a little surprised by his tone—he was usually nicer. “Sorry,” I said sarcastically, turning away. He sighed.  “I’m sorry, Lynn…it’s just…personal.  I didn’t mean to […]

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“Souleaters” by Elise Valente – Flash Fiction Ghost Story

December 27, 2012

Written by Elise Valente.  Check out her website and follow her on Twitter! — They swirled around her, taunting and laughing, their hollow voices echoing in the emptiness.  She could feel the breeze of their passing as they moved around her, and she felt the cold of their tendrils as they passed by her.  She […]

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“Memento Mori” by C.L. Raven – Flash Fiction Ghost Story

December 26, 2012

Written by C.L. Raven.  Check out their website and follow them on Twitter! — “You have reached your destination,” the Sat Nav cheerfully announced. “No we haven’t,” Simeon replied. “Stop arguing with her, you’ll never win.” Taylor killed his bike engine. “The Sat Nav says we’re in Pentref Ysbryd. The map says we’re in a […]

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“Ghost of the Snow” by Joshua Paquin – Flash Fiction Ghost Story

December 24, 2012

Written by Joshua Paquin.  Check out his website and follow him on Twitter! — We were lost in the woods after a snowstorm. “We’re going to be okay” I remember saying. My face was pressed up against Maggie’s. My lips might have touched her ear as I said it, and if it did, I couldn’t […]

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“Matchmaker for the Dead” by Larry Kollar – Flash Fiction Ghost Story

December 23, 2012

Written by Larry Kollar.  Check out his website and follow him on Twitter! — “Steven… can a ghost get laid?” Steven’s loud laughter turned heads all around the bar. “What? How the hell would I know?” “Well, your dad has that ghost tour thing in Savannah.” He tried to look serious. “Mike, I thought I’d […]

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“Crying” by Jason Cantrell – Flash Fiction Ghost Story

December 22, 2012

Written by Jason Cantrell.  Check out his website and follow him on Twitter! — Can’t you make him stop crying? The house was quiet.  Silent.  Still.  The house was never quiet anymore. He’s always crying!  Can’t you make him stop crying!? Gabby sat in her room, alone.  Her eyes, unfocused, stared at the black dress […]

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October 11, 2012

Bullets tore through the air as the screams of the wounded and dying mixed with the explosions that shook the ground of the tiny village. The raid had hit so suddenly, almost no one had been prepared—the soldiers raced into the little village with their trucks and Jeeps, screaming at the villagers. They hadn’t wanted […]

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A Garden of Graves

June 21, 2012

Anna hobbled up the hill to the field where a fresh grave waited.  It was a small, crude hole in the earth; it hadn’t taken long for her to dig. She struggled with each step, not because the body was heavy – the others had been far larger and more difficult to move.  Her strain […]

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