“Fire Lights” by Mikaila Manesh – Bloody Valentine Flash Fiction

by E.V. Jacob on February 18, 2013

Written by Mikaila Manesh

Voting is closed as of 22 February 2013! Thank you all for participating in our Mystery Author Bloody Valentine Flash Fiction event!


I spit the dirt from mouth and stood slowly as I brushed myself off. I blinked hard as I stared at the beautiful inky midnight sky. How did I get to the woods behind the house? I didn’t remember coming here. I sighed deeply and felt my lungs expand and stretch. Stretching. That sounded like a good idea. I smiled and cracked my neck into place. I stood and felt my whole body crack into place. I felt the corner of my lip twitch into a smile. He would like his surprise.

He should be happy for his surprise. He didn’t really think that I would leave him, did he? My love for him is eternal. The ground felt cool against my feet as I walked towards the warm house. Or would it be home? I felt too cold to call it home.

I grabbed the axe that was leaning against the wooden steps. I wonder why he would have it out. We would only light the fireplace for romantic nights in. I opened the door and heard low noises of pleasure fill the house. Not home. That bastard. I gripped the handle tighter and dragged it as I walked. How could he? I love him. I should be the one feeling the passion. Not feeling nothing.

The thud every time it went up another stair was deep sounding. It was satisfying as I threw open the bedroom door and flicked on the light. “Hello,” I smirked as I watching him cover Eliza. She supposed to be my best friend. Then again she always was a bitch.

“Jun-Juniper?!” He stammered pathetically.

“You didn’t really think that I wouldn’t let you celebrate with out me?” I said flatly in a dead voice.

“You’re supposed to be dead.” He squeaked as he covered Eliza more like he was protecting her. I had seen her goodies before. Too bad they were well used. Not just by her husband only.

I laughed lightly,”So that is why I was in the woods?” I didn’t feel shocked. I always knew something like this would happen, “I never thought you had the guts to do it.” “Pl-Please Juniper. Forgive me! I-I love you.” He said and started to stand. like he actually had a spine and was going to hurt me.

“Happy Valentine’s day.” I smiled and raised the axe.

  • Elise Valente

    Wild guess No. Three–Cee! I’m loving all the stories so far, by the way! And this is Elise…for some reason it won’t let me post with my twitter from my tablet. Stupid technology.

  • mikaila manesh

    I am guessing Elise!

  • Joan R

    I guess Elise.

  • Nat Russo

    Definitely Joan. I have it on good information this is based on a true story :)

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