Day 90: 90 Day Writing Challenge (Or, The Story of Epic Failure & Success)

by E.V. Jacob on January 15, 2014

I surrender, man.

So today was the last day of the ill-advised 90 Day Writing Challenge that Christiney Song and I thought would be a good idea.

This is not to say that it wasn’t a good idea–it was an awesome idea and it had awesome moments and I would totally do it again.  With exactly as little preparation, planning, and forethought.

But for this go-around…Writing Challenge: 1, Eve: 0.

That’s not entirely true–I did do a lot for the story.  I made huge leaps.  I made respectable progress.

But I definitely did not stick to my plan.

You know what, though?  Keeping track of the past 90 days (well…kinda…) was amazing because, sitting here, writing this, I can clearly see how much has changed over the past three months.

  • I started my own business (and it’s growing!!)
  • I got a coach, who has literally changed my life
  • I was asked to write a guest post for
  • …which led to my own  column there, called “This Must Be Thursday”! (First entry goes up tomorrow–exciting!!)
  • I wrote a lot and edited a lot and even got to the point where I’m writing one hour each day
  • I am actually getting stuff done…to the degree where I can go to sleep at night, guilt-free and relaxed.  That…is alien to me
  • I’ve had a lot of personal breakthroughs and growth that have made my life infinitely calmer, happier, and more enjoyable

And you know what?  That’s a pretty damn successful 90 days, if you ask me.

So thank you, Christiney, and everyone else, for joining me on this crazy journey.

Let’s make the next 90 days even more epic ;)

  • christiney

    Based on what you’ve done these past 90 days:
    I think it’s challenge: 0 Eve: 1 since the whole purpose of this challenge was to help us grow (as a writer, person, etc.) ^^

    • Eve Jacob

      LOL aww, thanks!! :) I think we both did a pretty awesome job ;)

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