Day 5: 90 Day Writing Challenge

by E.V. Jacob on October 22, 2013

OK, so the character profiling has begun, which is good.  But it’s not complete, which is…less good.

It’s kinda hilarious that I started this whole challenge this week because I have been uncommonly busy lately.  Also, there’s the fact that I still have boxes up on boxes to unpack.

A little more research got done today–I think I fall back on it because it’s so straight-forward and easy to approach that I can do it while taking care of other tasks.  Especially in the case of documentaries on YouTube.  Oh, yes.

What did I study today, you ask?


Quantum mechanics.

You know, the usual.

Oh, also–I tried to make a wiki for my story, but I can’t make one that’s private.  I need one for my mother/co-author (mo-author?) and I to access, but no one else, because the story notes and information are reaching insane levels and I think it would help me organize.  Anyone know a free wiki service that allows for private pages? No…? Oh…OK then…

I am literally too tired to think of anymore words to add to this, so I’m just going to wrap it up. Today:  Less productive than I’d hoped, but we’re seeing some movement. I am going to keep pushing until I break through whatever blockage I’ve got going on here. And then I’m going to write the HELL out this book.

Until then:  Tea.  And also sleeps.

  • christiney

    Haha I think it’s because someone once said that “if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person” so maybe that applies here ><
    I'm actually really excited that you're on character profiles already because your story sounds soo good (the synopsis as well as the things you're researching)
    Does that mean you're done with the research part and figured out how it's all relating to your plot?

    • Eve Jacob

      LOL! Good point ;) And honestly, there hasn’t been a time in the past…oh…ten years that I HAVEN’T been busy, so I guess it’s basically, “Get it done while you’re busy or you’ll never get it done!!”

      :D I’m glad you’re excited for it! It damn well better be good, all the crazy stuff I’m having to learn XD

      I don’t think I’ll ever be completely done with research, but I’ve put my foot down with myself that I have *enough*…you know? Like, I can fine-tune during editing…I can keep learning for the follow-up books (it’s book one of a five-book series), but I’m at the point where I absolutely have to start writing NOW. Haha.

      Besides…character profiles are fun :D

      • christiney

        THat’s really smart of you! I read this article online about how some people never get past the research stage because they feel as though they need to be experts before they finally write the book or they get too overwhelmed by the amount of research they have to do ><
        Are you going to outline and brainstorm the entire series before you start writing or just do it as you approach each book?

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