Day 4: 90 Day Writing Challenge

by E.V. Jacob on October 21, 2013

I need to get more creative with these titles.

I also need to get more disciplined with my time, because I’ll be honest:  I basically fell off the wagon today.

And the thing is, it’s happened before, but I’m not easily discouraged, so naturally I’m just going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and carry on.

I did manage to squeeze in a bit more research today, but I’m concerned that my researching is going to be come compulsive, or that it’ll be one of those “busy work” tactics to keep myself feeling occupied and productive, while in reality I’m procrastinating on the real work.

Truth be told, though, I had a pretty crazy day.  I can’t say that I slacked or wasted time because I genuinely didn’t stop going at all today.  I am BEAT. And the worst part? I just got to the point in the book I’m reading (Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder) where I need to read all of it now and I…well…I can…(and I probably will)…but that would be irresponsible.

So like I said, probably what’s going to happen.  Sorry, Tuesday-Eve!  You’re going to be exhausted!

I did get some cool character details hammered out today, though, so that’s good.

Anyway, Summary of the Day:  FAIL.

Tomorrow will be busy, but I think a little less flail-tastic than today was, so if I manage to actually go to sleep instead of reading all night (Heh. Right.), then I can make tomorrow super-productive! :D

Worst comes to worst, I can always sacrifice my weekend. (I’d say “my days off” but let’s be real–I don’t have those.)

  • Steve A.

    Compulsive research. I tend to do that too. You find the answer to one question, but then that leads to another question, which leads to another, and so on. Accuracy is great, but eventually, in my work, at least, there comes a point where you need to say, this is a work of fiction. It’s my story, my world, and I say things happen this way, whether it’s 100% accurate in the real world or not.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea where that point actually is.

    • Eve Jacob

      There is definitely a fine, fine line between “getting the information you need to tell a credible story” and “researching things to death” and I, too, am terrible at identifying it.

      You’re absolutely right that, as a work of fiction, many of these details are completely up to me! I don’t have to verify EVERYTHING…I just have to know enough to make the story work. The rest is up for interpretation, seeing as we’re making up these worlds as we go!

      But alas, research is kind of fun, and I’m a learning junkie, so sometimes, it’s just easier to keep clicking the next link than it is to bear down and write the book!

  • christiney

    Haha I love how we both get tired around the same time T^T
    It’s a good thing that you’re not extremely easily discouraged! :D

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