Day 3: 90 Day Writing Challenge

by E.V. Jacob on October 20, 2013

You guys are going to get bored with me, because I’m still researching, but here’s why:

1. This is a research-heavy book.  There’s no way around that.  I’m writing some kind of sci-fi/dystopian madness here, and I’m a stickler for accuracy and details, so this means researching everything to death (I think I said this before…?), and so today was finishing up some major research points.

2. Day 4 (tomorrow)’s assignment was almost something I’d skip, so instead, I decided I’d combine Day 3 and Day 4, since they’re simple enough for me to do both at once!  Also, I think it’ll be more fun to work it that way.  We’ll see how that goes. (What could possibly go wrong??)

Today I got to research such amazing things as:

- Secret Societies

- Corrupt governments

- Dictators

- The human genome

I bet you guys are wondering what I’m writing, huh? ;D

  • christiney

    I already want to read it ><

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