Day 2: 90 Day Writing Challenge

by E.V. Jacob on October 19, 2013

Day two!  Woohoo!

I skipped today’s assignment too, because I can.  Also, I needed to do more research–which I did.  It was awesome.  I got a LOT of ground covered today, and cleared up many of my questions.  Basically, today’s research laid the foundation that will allow me to actually write this damn thing over the course of the next three months.

Oh!  Another exciting development today:  We got a title for the book!  YES.  I know this seems silly since from the perspective of the readers, I’ve only been title-less for about a day, but from my perspective, I’ve been lacking a title for over a year and it’s been stressful.  You know, in the very minimally stressful way that first world problems are stressful.  Yeah…

In any case, I’m very satisfied with today’s productivity, because I got tons of research done and took note that will allow me to do the world-building necessary for this.

If you’re curious about what I’ve been researching, by the way, here’s a brief list:

- Languages (like Sumerian and Sanskrit)

- Aliens

- Superpowers

- Human history (and pre-history)

- Solar cycles

And that’s all you need to know about that ;)

Tomorrow, I get to dive into character bios! I’ve already written some, of course, but these will be updated with all the awesome new research that I’ve gathered over the past two days.  Also, I get to draw people.  And that’s fun.

Anyway, today has been fun and productive, and I’m happy that I’ve kept up this far (even though “this far” is only two days, and both times I’ve only managed to post about it in the last hour of the day). Go me!

  • christiney

    HOLY! Your story sounds soooo good! :D
    And congrats on your title!! I’m so jealous right now T^T I haven’t gotten a title formed yet for mine and I’m still delving into the heart of my story.
    Also, YOU CAN DO IT! :D Let’s both finish our novels in 90 days to show something for our troubles ><

    • Eve Jacob

      Haha oh, thank you!! I am so, so excited to write it–this story is kind of one of my ~big projects~ that I was saving until I was ready and…well, let’s hope I’m ready!! XD

      You’ll get a title!!! It took me FOREVER to get mine! I’ve been working on this story for, literally, years, and I had a title that was too close to some other books in a similar genre, so I decided to change it, and I had no idea to what…so I went about a year calling it “You know…that book I’m working on?” which is a terrible title (or a BRILLIANT title, I guess, though not at all appropriate for this book!!)

      I’d be willing to help you kick around ideas for your book, if you like :D

      And YES! We will OWN these books! XD

      • christiney

        Ahhh! I would love that ^^
        I think mainly I have to kick my procrastinating habit ><

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