Antipathia by Cee Martinez is FREE on Amazon Now!!

by E.V. Jacob on October 31, 2013

OK so this isn’t a book promoting/reviewing/selling site by any means, and I have no plans to make it such, but I HAVE to tell you guys about my good friend, Cee Martinez‘s, book Antipathia, which is available right now for free on Amazon!!


Released this year, Antipathia is a twisted ride through the human psyche and your own fears.  Here’s a short description:

“A scream like a baby’s cry brings young Talitha Curie out of the isolated mountain home she shares with her father and his volatile girlfriend. She finds blood on the snow and stumbles upon a brutal murder, yet no one believes her when she tells them about it.

In the ensuing days, Talitha’s lonely life is overturned as she delves into the mystery of the crime she witnessed only to discover rumors of creatures who hunt the frigid Colorado nights. As she plunges deeper into the forest’s violent secrets, she is forced to shake the malaise of tragic memories from her own past as she faces the demons of the present.

Talitha’s journey will lead her to choosing between the friend you would fight for, and the one you would hunt with.”

This deal is good now through 1 November 2013, so hurry and snag your copy while it’s free!!

(And if you missed this offer, I would still recommend grabbing it–$3.99 well spent!!)

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