90 Day Writing Challenge – Week One Summary

by E.V. Jacob on March 28, 2014

I’ve decided I’m just going to summarize my weeks at the END of them, because…well…mostly because I didn’t get around to writing this until today, and it’s the end of the week, and…and…shut up, YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE.

This week’s post is supposed to be about the book I’m working on, but since I DIDN’T WORK ON MY BOOK ALMOST AT ALL THIS WEEK, this is just going to be an opportunity for you all to publicly shame me.

Fact is, Scarlett (from one of my Storium games) has basically taken over my life and is demanding I write all these little snippets about her.  And also draw her.


Scarlett De Raisx, my crazy little sorceress <3

 Scarlett is a character I had thought up before, but hadn’t really had much opportunity to work with yet.  Bringing her into a game has been amazing/terrible because, 1) I love her and want to write all about her all the time, and 2) I’m supposed to be writing my OTHER book, and despite the fact that I love/am obsessed with it, too…it still kinda scares me.   I mean…I need it to be perfect…and it’s just…not…and that is kind of upsetting when you’re a perfectionist.

 writing truth

The writing experience, summed up perfectly.


This week I mostly worked on the formatting of said book, because I messed it up when I first started typing it.  As I go, I’ve been revising the first few chapters.  So in reality, I did a fair amount of work—and wrote every day—but not necessarily as much as I wanted to.

This could also be attributed to the fact that I have impossibly high standards for myself and what I should do every day, so even if I do a lot, I am dissatisfied.

In other news:  Got my business two new clients this week, and finalized a bunch of paperwork 8D

OK, back into the writing cave with me!  Sorry this post isn’t funnier…I can’t really brain right now. ADIOS, MUCHACHOS.

  • http://www.christiney.com/ christiney

    Bahh! It’s only the first week! You can do it~

    • http://www.ravenhartpress.com/ Eve Jacob

      I’LL TRY.

      • http://www.christiney.com/ christiney

        But you’re still subjected to Twitter Shame >:)

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