How to Win a NEW Kindle Fire on Tuesday!

by E.V. Jacob on November 24, 2017

~Happy Black Friday & Cyber Monday!~


I need a quick favor, and to encourage you to say yes, I’ve decided to give away a brand new Kindle Fire HD10 tablet on Tuesday…do you want it?

Yes, it’s a $149 value, and someone reading this email is going to win it. Will it be you?

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Here’s the deal: In order for my book to become an official “Best Seller” on the Amazon Kindle platform, I need to have real customers with real sales and real reviews posted on the Amazon site. What’s surprising is that it doesn’t take a million orders to become a best seller. By my estimations, if just 50 people buy my latest Kindle book (at just 99 cents this week!), it will probably top the list of young adult paranormal/sci-fi books. Will you help me?

What’s a better way to motivate you to help than to create an “ethical bribe” so you and a few other readers will buy my new Kindle ebook for just 99 cents, then…just write a nice review? Really, it’s less than a dollar! And, if you like it, please rate it 5 stars!

I don’t know if only two people will do this favor for me, or 100 people, but the odds of you winning the Kindle Fire are better than the lottery. Probably about 1 out of 30…those are great odds!

On Tuesday, November 28th, I’m going to take all the reviews directly from the Amazon book page. Then, I’m going to put them in a jar and I’m going to randomly pull out the winner of the new Kindle Fire!

Then, I’m going to have the brand new Kindle Fire shipped to your home, no matter what country you live in…just for buying a 99 cent book and writing a review!

Oh, and remember, if you don’t win, you still get to download and read a really great paranormal novel! And after this promotion, I will raise the price back up to retail.

I know it might sound greedy, asking you to spend an entire dollar. You could just write the review, even if you don’t own the book.

But there’s logic behind my request…

Book buyers are given more credibility than non-buyers. If you write a review on a book you don’t own, Amazon doesn’t think it’s very credible. But if you actually buy it with your Amazon account, they see that it’s highly, highly credible and place your review higher on the page.

This helps new people discover and see that The Shadows is a great young adult book!

So if you are willing to help get the newly released Kindle version of The Shadows to be a best seller, use this link:


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Please buy it and post your review before Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, so I can enter you into the drawing!

Thank you!

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E.V. Jacob


Be sure to share this with anyone you feel might like to enter!

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